REG (Radway Events Group)

2020 Schedule of Events


Event Lead Person

Friday 20th March 


Quiz and pop up pub Lilian / Yve


Leave Free for Easter events

Friday 8th May

VE celebratory day Rosamund and Lilian

Saturday 6th June


Sunday 7th June

2pm to 5pm each day

Open Gardens a

The Grange

Sophie and Rosie 

Saturday 11th July

Family Treasure Hunt Jenny S and Clare


Leave Free

Saturday 5thSeptember

Late September

Progressive Supper

Apple Pressing and Barbecues

Sandra, Puffin, Clare and 



Saturday 24th October Illustrated talk -Ice Tracks by Angie Butler- Soup and sandwich lunch before the talk. Lilian 

Friday 13th November

Beetle Drive Rosamund 

Wednesday 23rdDecember

Christmas Festivities

Other ideas to be developed: 

First Aid Course for Children/Adults detail awaited from Emma (other offers of contacts for similar via Guy and Peter)

Contact Details:

If you would like to get in touch with anyone leading any of these events, please find their contact details below: 

Sophie Stephens - 07880 528004 

Rosie Bampton - 07903 330645

Sandra Wilkins - 07721 058044

Puffin Pocock – 01295 678682

Clare Rankin – 01295 670703

Jenny Schumacher – 01295 670141

Lilian Smith-Vincent - 07786 325196

Rosamund Trotman – 01295 678384

Radway Community Events Facebook Page

Please see the link below to where more detail about each event will be provided: