Welcome to Radway Parish Council.

Radway Parish Council is democratically elected once every four years to help provide and enhance local services within the Parish, and provides a vital link to District and County Councils and other agencies on local issues.

The Parish council raises a precept (a local rate) which is collected by the district council as part of the council tax. 

Radway Parish Councillors have an active interest and concern for the local community. They represent local people and work in partnership with them and others when necessary. They help facilitate the provision of local services and facilities and take decisions that form the policy of the Council. Councillors are not paid and have to abide by a local government code of conduct and declare their financial interests in the parish. Councillors must also declare a personal or prejudicial interest in any matter under discussion at a parish council meeting.  WALC keep the Councillors aware of regular training which is attended where applicable. You can find out more about the Parish Councillors here.

Community Engagement

Members of the Parish are welcome to attend Parish Council Meetings and the agenda and minutes of previous meetings are available to download.  Financial Information and other Parish Documents are also available to download. As well as the regular meetings, members of the Parish are welcomed to go to the 'Assembly Meetings' which are held twice a year. These are less formal meetings and alow any registered elector / member of the public to make suggestions and comment on anything relevant to the residents of Radway.

Parish Meetings

The next Parish Council meetings are scheduled for:

15th July 2021 at 8pm - OGM

16th September 2021 at 8pm - OGM

18th November 2021 at 8pm - OGM

20th January 2022 at 8pm - OGM

17th March 2022 at 8pm - OGM






Meetings are held at 8 pm in the village hall.

Agendas are puiblished a week in advance of Parish Council meetings. Minutes are normally published a week after the Parish Council meetings. 

Latest Minutes and Agenda

Please find the latest Minutes and Agenda.

26th Jan 2022 Minutes 20 January 2022 OGM
14th Jan 2022 Agenda 20th January 2022 OGM

Download Previous Minutes and Agenda.