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Radway Village Newsletter April 2019


April 2019 Newsletter

Parish Council News

The Parish Council thanks all those who have taken time to respond to the village questionnaire. The results are due in the coming month and a summary will be in a newsletter which follows.

Parish council funds are required to cover increasing services as the District and County councils reduce their services to our village.  We budget some 10 years ahead, building up funds to enable larger projects to happen, such as a mower replacement fund and for parking projects such as the parking bay installed in Langdon Lane last year. 

We are fortunate in that we have a community which shows more than the average public spirit.  This is reflected by the beneficial situation of having different members of the community enthusiastically championing the very different community groups in the village.  It is often reflected by other villages ‘it’s always the same people doing the work’ and it has been said in the past about Radway.  However, we are currently very lucky in that we have a diverse population with different dynamic people taking the lead on these interests, with the same aim of improving the lives of the community as a whole.   

There are certain things that by law the Parish Council must carry reserves for, but whilst attempting to keep the request for funds to a minimum we also need to reserve for future larger expenses which cannot be afforded out of one year’s funds. To that end the Parish Council would like to thank Sophie and Rosie as the leaders of our Recreation Ground working Group for their dedication to get this up and running and with great success to date.  The Parish Council is responsible for the recreation ground and by forward budgeting it has some reserves specifically for it.  The cost of today’s equipment is not something the average parish can bear and to that end it is only through the working group that a significant change can occur. 

A small reserve has also been built up for capital projects and we are pleased to be able to cover the major part of the costs for repair works to shortly commence on the external walls of the village hall.  The Village Hall Trustees continue to work hard to make this community facility  financially self sustainable. This is helped greatly by the events organised with the help of and by the Radway Events Group which is the band of many and varied residents who are equally passionate about village matters.

This whole approach of people working together and from different paths achieves much more than the sum of its parts, for the community.

The questionnaire had three questions regarding funding projects and we are hoping this will help our future planning.  We can however re-assure residents that it is not exclusive or long term but it is asked by way of indication of a preference for today.  Nor is it for the purpose to increase our funding request which would possible increase the community charges. 

We do encourage all village groups to apply to organisations outside the village for funding, in the first instance, so as to make use of opportunities to bring in external finances which results in less pressure from within.  We are quite fortunate in that in relative terms our village is not considered as a deprived population (although the public services and facilities may indicate otherwise) and therefore external funding opportunities are restricted. 

We would also like to remind all residents that the Parish Council is always happy to hear views regarding matters in the village and will try to assist where they can.  If you have a matter which you would like to bring to the attention of the council please contact any Councillor or the clerk.  Residents are always welcome at council meetings and have an opportunity to speak.  The minutes of meetings are on the village website.

Recreation Ground Update

Members of the working group have been busy with village events and grant applications. The recent Auction and wine tasting evening was a massive success, raising £1200.  Thank you to everyone who was involved in any capacity. To single out a few would be disingenuous so please all take a bow. We will be looking to do a few smaller events as we go along but we are waiting to hear back from lots of grant applications to see if we have raised enough to complete the toddler area as phase one.

Big News!

The grant application to ‘The Lottery Community Fund’ has received approval of £10,000 towards this project. What a coup and a reward for the efforts of the leaders of this project Sophie and Rosie. Follow progress on Facebook at Radway Village Community.

Church news

If you haven’t already met her, Alex Williams is the curate of the benefice and is looking after Radway and Combroke. She is usually at tea,chat and play but is also happy to pop round for a chat. Her contact details are 07718646864 or

Easter Day 21st April 3pm

The Festival Choir joins us for Easter Day when we will have a service of communion at 3pm followed by refreshments. If anyone, including children, would like to read or take part in some other way please let Alex Williams know.

There is still time to order lilies for commemoration in the church. Contact Sandra on 670229.

Wednesday 10th April

You are invited to come along to the Annual Church Council meeting in the Village Hall at 8.00pm. Alex, our Curate, will give an address and there will be a short report on the work of the church over the last 12 months and the work so far on the Restoration Project. Refreshments will be served and all residents are welcome.

Radway Cricket Club

Due to reorganisation of the South Northants cricket league divisions we shall again be playing in Division 1, having thought we had been relegated into Div 2, matches starting at the beginning of May. We will have a few friendly Sunday fixtures too.

Our pre-season net sessions will commence Thursday 4th April 8.00 to 9.30pm at Kineton High School, all are welcome.

Junior cricket will consist of U11's and Kwik cricket, covering the age group 7 to 11 years old.

We are always on the lookout for new players, of any standard!,... so if you are interested in joining or know someone who is, senior or junior player, please get in contact with Phil Douthwaite 07767641362

Kind Regards

Clerk of Radway Parish Council
01295 275372
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