Radway Parish Plan 2013


The beautiful village of Radway is situated in Warwickshire, on the edge of the Cotswolds, at the foot of Edge Hill approximately 9 miles north west of Banbury and 12 miles east of Stratford and Warwick. It is surrounded by fields, woodland and hedgerows.

The people of Radway appreciate the tranquillity, openness and unique identity of this village. It is these key features together with the sense of community and village pride that this Parish Plan aims to safeguard. Although Radway has a lively and interesting history, it is with the current and future needs and opportunities in the village that this document is chiefly concerned.

This Parish Plan supersedes the previous Plan of 2002. This plan sets out a vision of what is important, how new developments, if any, can best be fitted in, the design and quality standards it should meet, how to preserve valued local features and to map out the facilities which the community needs to safeguard for the future. The plan should identify key facilities and services, set out the problems that need to be tackled and demonstrate how distinctive character and features can be preserved.

Radway’s Parish Plan of 2002 contained much material compiled from the Village Design Statement. The Village Design Statement although never published, was produced at the request of Stratford on Avon district Council. It was intended to act as Supplementary Planning Guidance; to be taken into account when planning applications are assessed.

As was the 2002 Parish Plan this 2013 Parish Plan is updated from the questionnaire published in 2012 which identified the key points as mentioned above with regard to the current population of the village.

Although the Parish council has undertaken to write the Parish Plan, it is a document by and for the people of Radway. For the Parish Plan to have any impact it must outline how “the community as a whole” wants to see itself develop over at least the next decade. It aims to identify local problems and opportunities and long-term vision for the future. An Action Plan sets out the steps needed to achieve this vision. This document was produced from the survey as mentioned above and amended following a public open meeting for residents to view the draft document.

The Parish Council is in a unique position to collate the Parish Plan: as an executive body elected by the villagers, it represents and leads the village; it is bound by a Code of Conduct which governs its actions; it was elected to act on any problems and issues that arise, to ensure that the best interests of the villagers as a whole are upheld; it has access to information on local issues and resources and is a conduit for information, policies and decisions coming from the District and County Councils.

The Parish Plan will be of significant value in making any future funding bids for enhanced facilities in the village. It will help to show links between service providers and where there may be overlaps or gaps in provision. It should also stimulate us all to be active in improving our local environment and, by bringing people together within the village and the surrounding villages, to help us get the services we need, to share our thoughts and enjoy being part of this community.

The Parish Plan

The Parish Survey 2010